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The new year is a time of reflection of where you can improve in 2022. Whether it’s becoming more physically active, eating healthier, or spending more time with family and friends, we desire to be better individuals all around. Setting goals does not have to be confined to just yourself though. A great way to accelerate your new year is to consider the goal of having a much cleaner home in Wilson County. After all, a cleaner home can help boost productivity and help you excel towards some of those other common goals.

Besides, your carpets really do need some cleaning after those holiday parties. Especially if your guests wore shoes into the house, there has been an immense amount of dirt and other built-up grime that has been tracked in. You may have had to deal with a spill or two along the way and have some tough carpet stains that just don’t want to come out.

You might be tempted to pursue DIY cleaning methods to solve the problem, but nothing truly beats the cleaning power that you’d get from a company like Chem-Dry of Wilson. Don’t just take our word for it though. Read what many throughout Wilson, Elm City, Black Creek, Lucama, Stantonsburg, Saratoga, and the surrounding areas have to say about our service.


Start The New Year Off Right With Carpet Cleaning

Even though the holidays have gone by, that doesn’t necessarily mean that our schedules have become any less busier. With large and overfilled to-do lists, many of us can be overwhelmed with tasks that cloud any small thought of carpet cleaning for our home. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that many people throughout Wilson County put off the necessary task of carpet cleaning for their homes for too long.

Getting yourself in a routine of carpet cleaning can help you effectively accomplish the task and maintain a much healthier home. Consider making professional carpet cleaning at New Year’s an annual tradition. It can also be a good idea to do this now as you’ve spent some time packing away holiday decorations. Why not also have your carpets, rugs, and upholstery cleaned too? You will experience a much cleaner environment and start with the right foot forward for 2022.


Extend the Life of Your Carpets with Professional Carpet Cleaning

When you schedule an appointment with Chem-Dry of Wilson for carpet cleaning, it won’t just make your home feel and look cleaner. It will also contribute to the longevity of your carpets and provide a significant boost to their quality. You’ve invested so much on your carpets and want them to last a long time, so it’s critical that they receive the right care.

While other carpet cleaners in Wilson employ steam cleaning methods to soak your carpets with excessive amounts of water and harsh chemicals, we do things differently. We use our advanced Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process to provide a gentle, yet powerful cleaning experience. Using the power of carbonation, we are able to deeply penetrate the fibers of your carpet all the way to their backings to extract dirt, dust, allergens, and other built-up grime. Our powerful suction equipment then works to remove our solution and the extracted particles to leave you with a carpet that looks and feels almost like new. The best part is that we use a cleaning solution that’s safe for everyone in the family, even pets!

Because we use minimal water, 80% less than steam cleaning to be exact, your carpets will be fully dried in a matter of hours. This is a much more convenient option than typical carpet cleaning methods throughout Wilson that leave your carpets soaked for several days! Not to mention their dirt-attracting residue that gets left behind with the water and sticky detergents. Make the best decision for carpet cleaning for your home with Chem-Dry of Wilson.


Carpet Cleaning in Wilson County, NC

We can help you stay on top of your carpet cleaning needs in the New Year and beyond. Our professional technicians are easy to communicate with and will provide services with no hassle on your part. We’ve proudly served the community of Wilson and the surrounding areas for many years. Throughout our time cleaning carpets, we’ve come across a wide variety of carpets with different types of stains and other issues. We’re sure to have a solution on how to best clean yours. Don’t delay carpet cleaning any longer and experience a much healthier living space today with our service!

We’d love to tell you more about our carpet cleaning services and help schedule your first professional cleaning of 2022. Get in touch with Chem-Dry of Wilson today at (252) 234-5914! We also offer free price estimates regarding our cleaning services.